German Shepherd, Jack Russel, Golden Retriever, German Spitz (Klein), Continental Toy Spaniel (Papillon) or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; discover Clair Ruisseau’s puppies

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Our crafty little devils born on the 28/01/16 have all found a new home where they will be able to happily grow up. We will soon see them again thanks to the pictures that their new handlers will send us ……..


German Shepherd:

The German Shepherd is a rustic dog and the perfect companion for any family, for sports lovers or even for the guardianship of your property. In fact, it is a very versatile breed, with a remarkable capacity to adapt to the environment and to de desired use, which is a rare feature to find in other breeds.

Its flexible nature and its natural abilities to observ and adapt its behaviour to its handlers’ lifestyle make it very easy to train. The same happens when we teach them some strict and logical rules, in order to respect a proper hierarchy within the pack, which in this case is represented by the family in which they live in.

Jack Russel:

Jack Russel's Terrier is an active, fast and enduring dog. Its thick coat is made up of harsh and tight hair that can be rough or smooth. Its maximum size at the withers must be 30 cm for males and 25 cm for females. This kind of breed is really lively, alert and has no fear. It is a very affectionate terrier and it lives very well in an apartment, but you will always have to respect its need for excercise.

To ensure its proper development, both mental and physical, daily and sustained activity is fundamental. Its ability to follow you over long distances without showing fatigue will perfectly fit an athletic family with a passion for outdoor activities.

Its training must be based on firmness, so you won’t get overwhelmed by their intelligence and courage. They are playful, affectionate and always full of vitality.

Golden Retriever:

Originally, the Golden Retriever was a dog whose main role was to retrieve the game undamaged from the ground or water. They have a very well developed eyesight and smell; their observation and orientation skills, as well as their good humour, make them a lively and pleasant companion, as long as you satisfy their need for physical exercise.

Very rustic, medium-sized, strong and compact, this breed is highly resistant to bad weather and their dense and tight hair protects them against the cold, even when wet.

A training based on rewards and playing, even if with firmness and with no compromises, makes them an attentive and enjoyable companion as well as a great game partner for children.

Continental Toy Spaniel (Papillon):

An excellent family pet from the French/Belgian Flanders; it was considered as the finest breed in royal courts. Despite it measures 28 cm at the withers and weighs between 1.5 kg and 4.5 kg, it is surely not a fragile dog. Rather, they are tonic and robust. Their fur has no undercoat and it is rich, glossy, with silky reflections.


German Spitz (Klein):

Always attentive, it is really receptive and easy to train. This breed is very attached to their human companion, and its mistrust towards strangers makes it an ideal guard dog. Its size between 23 and 26 cm at the withers also makes them a real companion dog. It appeals for the beauty of its fur, its bright eyes and its mane-like collar. For this small breed, a wide variety of colours is allowed: brown, white, orange, grey shaded and others.