Are you going on vacation? Do you have an unexpected trip to do? Getting everyday care for your dog will not be a problem! Clair Ruisseau’s boarding kennel is at your disposal to keep your companion safe for however long you need.


includes 48 fully renovated and furnished boxes, for a minimum of 7 metres in length for the smallest ones, and heated kennels in the winter on request.
But it is also about a dozen huge green and forest parks, for a total surface of more than 5000 square metres.

It also means a friendly team and a family business, available 24/7 for all our guests; our team are living on site, just a few metres away from the kennel. The animals are given a healthy and balanced diet, from the biggest world-famous brands in the market. Special and individual care is given to your dogs and cats boarding at our kennel. We also follow the cares and drugs requested by their handlers without any surplus fees.



Clair Ruisseau’s boarding house gives you the possibility to book online quickly and easily, using just a simple form.

This allows you to quietly complete all the information regarding your dog or cat. After booking online, we will confirm your reservation within a few days. Just make sure that you correctly fill in all the fields in the form. If needed, you will also albe to book directly via telephone at 09 70 35 31 58, 31 58, from 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm, or until 5 pm on Saturdays.

Book now with just a few clicks!


Large breed, 2 dogs in the same box 26 € / day
Small breed, 3 dogs in the same box 27 € / day
Medium breed, 2 dogs in the same box 24 € / day
Small breed, 2 dogs in the same box 20 € / day
Large breed (Rott, Dogue, Leonberger, Mountain dog, etc…) 15,5 € / day
Medium breeds (from Spaniel to German Shepherd) 13 € / day
Small breeds 11,5 € / day
Cats 8,5 € / day
For 2 or more cats (per cat) 7 € / day
Box for dog with heated kennel, surcharge per day 2 € / day
First day and last will be charged. All vaccinations must be up to date and are mandatory; all animals must be identified. Anti-flea and tick treatment must be up to date