Whether it's a summer cut or a winter bath, we take care of you dog’s coat in any season. Dirt, mats or just for the well being of your dog: don’t forget the grooming!


Takes care your dogs and cats of every race, to make them as nice and clean as possible. From regular shampoo to special cuts: ideas are unlimited.

Based on soft, natural and neutral products, our grooming service at Clair Ruisseau’s is not just a bath followed by a simple cut. We do our best to restore your dog’s hair, but also its skin.Dewormed, dried and nails cut: every detail counts, because a good grooming is not just about the pet’s hair.

Can I bring my pet? : 

Clair Ruisseau’s kennel will be happy to welcome your pet Monday to Friday. However, you will need to book via phone at least 48 hours in advance. Our telephone number is the following: 09 70 35 31 58.

Our prices:

Shampoo + cut
Yorck, Pekingese, Medium or Miniature Poodle 32 €
Miniature Schnauzer, Fox, Cocker, Tecker, Westie, Scottish 35 €
Giant Schnauzer, Airedale 38,80 €
Simple shampoo
Large breeds, long hair 45 €
Large breeds, short hair 30 €
Small breeds, long hair 35 €
Small breeds, short hair 20 €


A whole range of good quality food is available for the well being of your dog. We have the biggest brands at reasonable prices.

High-quality food

Clair Ruisseau’s kennel offers you a hole range of food products for your dogs, cats and puppies.

Since the health and balance of your dog is also about what they eat, we work diligently to offer you only the products that have the best quality/price ratio in the market, throughout the whole year.

Availabilities and orders:

Clair Ruisseau’s kennel has immediate supply of the best-selling products among those that we recommend. However, it is also possible to obtain several other products in a reduced delivery time, according to what you need.

Our list of available products, their features and prices can be found in the following section (Prices). For more information regarding a specific product, or for a product that is not included in the list, please contact us either via the Contact section of our website, or via telephone at (+33) 09 70 35 31 58, 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 6 om, or until 5 pm on Saturdays.


Royal Canin Club Croc 20 Kg 38 €
CROQUE-HUNDE PERLE (adult) 20 Kg 27,5 €
MINI JUNIOR HD (small breed) 15 Kg 37 €
Delichat (kitten and adult) 5 Kg 16,50 €
Adulte Mini HD (small breed) 15 Kg 35 €
All royal canin food can be ordered, prices will be given during the order 0 €
Royal canin maxi junior 20 kg 68,50 €
Maxi Junior HD 15 Kg 37 €